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SUNTECKtts Redesign

A quick redesign of the SUNTECKtts homepage.



My role

UI Designer


  • This was designed in Adobe XD in around 90 minutes, including time spent Googling to learn what things like “drayage” are, to (hopefully) pick appropriate icons.
  • No UX research was done, just some competitor analysis.
  • There are dozens of ways the homepage could be designed, but based on the competitor analysis, this seemed like an appropriate approach for the industry.
  • I wanted to build in something that could be used as a key performance indicator (KPI). I decided that quote requests would be a beneficial KPI to track, so I included two “Request a Quote” buttons and made them stand out from the surrounding elements.

Resource Credits

Blue truck photo by Joseph Paul on Unsplash
Asphalt road photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash
Freight truck icon by Lutfi Gani Al Achmad from the Noun Project
Box icon by Iconiqu from the Noun Project
Truck icon by KusHas from the Noun Project