Noncommercial Commission Terms of Service

The following terms of service apply to all noncommercial projects.

Part 1. General Notes

1. I may change these terms at any time. Changes will apply to all noncommercial commissions begun after the terms change.
2. I can refuse any commission without giving a reason why.
3. I can cancel a commission if I feel it necessary. Please see part 3 for information on refunds.
4. All communication regarding a commission must take place via email, not via public forum or private notes.
5. The finished work will be sent as a digital file. No physical artwork will be delivered.
6. The client must hold the copyrights to any characters, symbols, or other intellectual property used in the commission. No fan art commissions.
7. Any client who wants to commission me for a noncommercial project will need to agree to these terms of service. By sending payment for a noncommercial project, you agree to the terms on this webpage.

Part 2. Payment

1. All payments must be made through PayPal.
2. Prices are non-negotiable unless stated to the opposite.
3. The client must pay their project’s invoice within 7 days of its issuance.
4. Unless we have set up a payment plan, I must be paid in full before I start work. If your commission is over $200, you may request setting up a payment plan, paying at least $75 up front. In the case of a payment plan, I will begin work after the first payment is received.

Part 3. Refunds

1. The client will receive a full refund if they cancel the project before I’ve started work, or if I decide to cancel the commission because of personal reasons.
2. The client will receive a partial refund if I have to cancel project due to them being disrespectful or due to poor communication (I’d give at least one warning before doing this). The client will also receive a partial refund if they decide to cancel the project due to personal reasons and I’ve already begun work. The amount refunded in the case of a partial refund will depend upon how much work was completed on the commission. The client will receive a digital file of the artwork as it stands at the point of the project’s cancellation.

Part 4. Revisions

1. Every client gets a chance to review finished sketches and ask for changes at that stage.
2. For commissions that go beyond the sketch stage, you may receive no more than 2 additional revisions. Minor adjustments don’t count (within reason; I have the right to stop if I deem a reasonable amount of free minor changes have been made). Additional revisions may be purchased for a fee.

Part 5. Deadlines

1. The client may request the work to be finished by a certain deadline. I may accept or reject that request. I also may require that the client pay a deadline fee, if I feel the deadline will require a rush job.
2. Unless otherwise communicated, personal commissions should take no longer than 2 months to complete from the date work begins.

Part 6. Image Rights

1. I own the full rights to all noncommercial artwork I create. I may repost it on any website or in any physical media that I wish, unless you specifically request otherwise.
2. I have the right to sell noncommercial artwork as an prints or merchandise. See 6.3 below for how to buy the full rights to your commissioned image.
3. The client may buy the full rights to their image for an additional 100% of the commission’s price. If they buy the full rights, I cannot post or re-sell the image.
4. The client may post and use their commissioned artwork as they like, as long as the use is noncommercial. Giving me credit is appreciated, but not required.
5. Commercial usage is prohibited for noncommercial commissions, unless the client has bought to full rights to their image (see 6.3 above). Commercial usage includes making the art available as an on-demand print, printing on the art on products to sell, selling digital files of the artwork, and all other instances in which the client would receive a profit, whether in real-world currency or virtual currency.
6. If the client rejects sketches and concepts created during the preparation stage of a project, I own the rights to those rejects and may use them (“recycle” them) as I see fit. If those rejected works include intellectual property belonging to the client (characters, etc.), those elements will be changed or unused when recycled.

These terms are effective as of 6/06/2016.